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Inert Gas Generator

The inert gas generator is used to produce an inert gas with an oxygen content (by volume) of not more than 5% (on the inert gas main), which is filled into the upper space of the oil tank to reduce the oxygen content of the oil tank atmosphere, so as to make the oxygen content of the oil tank atmosphere not more than 8%, and maintain a positive pressure state; The atmosphere in the oil tank can not support the degree of combustion, prevent the danger of fire and explosion in the oil tank, and improve the safety of the tanker.


  • Air to fuel ratio regulating mechanism adopts "load tracking technology", to realize the function of automatic adjustment of combustion load according to the need, in the full range of work, to ensure the air to fuel ratio, improve the utilization rate of fuel.
  • Combustion head using swirl plate to achieve "strong swirl flame stability technology", improve the effect of high pressure combustion chamber flame stability, so that the inert gas generator in the full load range without demignification, tempering phenomenon, full combustion.The oxygen content in inert gas can be automatically adjusted by real-time
  • detection and control of oxygen content, which ensures the safety and reliability of the system.