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Seascape BWTS (UV)

Seascape®-BWMS is a combined treatment system which takes advantage of filter and EPT (Enhanced Physical Treatment -UV/US) uint. It is most environmental friendly and optimally designed for every type of vessles. Adopting a pure physical treatment technology, Seascape®-BWMS effectively disinfects harmful aquatic organism and pathogen in water without generating any toxic substance during ballasting and de-ballasting process.

IMO, USCG-AMS and major classification societies type approved


Video: SeascapeTM Ballast Water Treatment Plant Introduction (Click to play)

Certificate of Approval

· Seascape®-BWMS has obtained type approval certificates of IMO, CCS, USCG-AMS, ABS, BV, LR, NK, RINA and RS

The ballast water treatment system meets the latest IMO Resolution MEPC.175(58)

· USCG land-based & shipboard test in progress

We have launched land-based & shipboard testing under the supervision of DNV-GL classification society in Singapore DHI Environmental Laboratory. Ongoing test results meet the USCG requirements. Hopefully it will be No. 1 USCG approved UV/US (Ultraviolet/Ultrasound) system in China.


Engineering Services

· Complete worldwide service network for survey, installation & commissioning onboard

Our service centers are in main global ports. Engineers carry out 3D laser scanning and final onboard survey of the proposed engine room spaces. After BWT system 3D modeling and installation pre-engineering, Hansun will take charge of system approval, installation and commissioning onboard.


Technical Advantage

· Unique Core UV Technology

--- Ultrasonic vibration device is combined to clean UV  quartz tubes, ensuring maximum UV transmission

--- UV output power can be adjusted to save energy consumption in clean waters

--- Cooling units to reduce temperature of lamp's ends by 80-100 centigrade

· Patented Pre-treatment

--- Intelligent back-flushing on line, free of manual maintenance

--- Large flow passage due to unique filter element arrangement

--- Self-cleaning by flushing and suction

· Installation and Controlling

--- Distributed modular installation in small engine room

--- Power unit output distance more than 150m

--- Optional global remote support system, easy to monitor and upgrade