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Marine Vertical Flow Air Flotation


In July 2020, HANSUN has delivered two sets of HSVAF-05 vertical flow air flotation equipment to Nantong COSCO Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd, It has been accepted by the shipyard, and its excellent performance has been praised by the shipyard.

The project contract signed in early 2020, compared with the land-based air flotation, it needs to solve the problems of the liquid level change in the air float when the ship is moving, and the water to be treated has high turbidity and contains heavy oil. In only 6 months, we have completed a series of work, such as the development, design, procurement, production and verification of the new equipment. 

As the pre-treatment equipment of oil-water separator, the HSVAF-05 is used to treat high turbidity oil sewage discharged from ship repair project. It can effectively remove most of the suspended solids and small oil drops, and the effluent effect is intuitive and visible. It has the advantages of anti-roll, small volume, good effluent quality, stable effluent quality, high degree of automation and simple operation.

The device is suitable for the shipbuilding and marine engineering industries. Based on its small size, convenience and high automation, it can also be used in marine emergency rescue to recover the floating oil more effectively.