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Oily Water Monitoring Device Successfully Delivered


Recently, the Oily Water Monitoring Device OMD-15 designed for project 50,000 DWT product oil/chemical tanker has passed the inspection of ship owner and the ship inspector at NEW TIMES SHIPBUILDING CO.,LTD. It’s highly praised by ship owner and shipyards for its perfect appearance and excellent performance.

 The Oily Water Monitoring Device has the advantage to monitor and control the discharge of Bilge water to prevent any accidental oil discharge. All discharging informations covering starting and ending dates and times of discharge, GPS location, status and overboard discharge volume, and in addition the duration of operation of the equipment are logged and stored in a electronic recording memory. The log data is stored internally for a minimum of 18 months for later printout or download.

 All connection points of the OMD-15 are collected together for easy “plug n’ play” installation. The unit is equipped with a HMI for overview, information, status indication and adjustments. It’s easy to operate and maintain with no need for special tools.