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Record of seawater desalination equipment of LS project


On August 26, 2019, the product commissioning was completed and successfully passed the acceptance of the owner. This is the result of hard work and full cooperation of all departments of the company.

After the Spring Festival of 2019, HANSUN RO team went to Tianjin to attend the technical clarification meeting. At the meeting site, in line with the principle of meeting the functional and quality requirements and removing redundant parts, we made many full explanations and communications with the personnel of the process, overall, mechanical, piping and electrical departments of CNOOC Design Institute.

After returning from Tianjin, we began to prepare documents for review. After dozens of phone communication with the personnel of various departments of the design institute and up to seven submission of materials for review, the product design opinion was completely closed. The products involve more than 300 specifications of purchased parts, with more specifications of parts, less quantity of the same specifications, and more special requirements, resulting in a long process of consultation, selection and procurement. In order to make products with both excellent shape and function, we have carried out many times of design and production optimization. Product design and production process are complex and trivial, but each link is related to product quality, which must be handled strictly.


Although the design, procurement and production process of such products are tortuous and arduous, we have successfully completed the production of products, which brings us precious experience, enriches our knowledge base, enhances our confidence, and can more easily face more challenges in the future.

As a leading design and manufacturer of sea water reverse osmosis device in China, HANSUN can develop and produce relevant products according to customer requirements, and has provided solutions and products for large-scale projects of domestic livestock boat and CNOOC for many times.