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USCG Type Approved of HSINC-100 Incinerator


Recently, the HSINC-100 marine incinerator developed by our company has successfully passed the USCG type approval test and obtained the USCG type approval certificate. KTR laboratory in South Korea authorized by USCG is responsible for the type test, and three staff from South Korea are responsible for the test, witnessing the whole process of the type test and testing the performance indicators of HSINC-100. This type of incinerator has been installed on 300,000 ton oil tanker and polar research ship.

At present, our whole series of HSINC incinerators have obtained the type approval certificate of CCS, DNV GL, NK, ABS, RS and other classification societies, and have passed the USCG certification of the US Coast Guard, which can meet the requirements of various ship types and flag States.           

At present, more and more countries and regions in the world pay more attention to the protection of the ocean and the environment. With the continuous revision and improvement of international conventions and domestic laws and regulations on the prevention of ship pollution, and the enhancement of PSC inspection in port countries, ship pollution prevention equipment has become one of the necessary items in PSC inspection. And the incinerator is an indispensable equipment in ship pollution prevention equipment. As an important equipment in ocean shipping, incinerator plays an irreplaceable role in solid waste reduction and waste oil treatment, so it must have better quality and global service network.           

In order to better meet the needs of the market, and increasingly strict environmental protection and emission requirements, so that it can meet the five requirements of "harmless, refined, diversified, energy-saving, and intelligent". The pollution prevention research group and product team are actively developing new products to contribute to the sustainable development of the shipbuilding industry.